DX Adventures: November 2020

When the PC versions of GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas came out and there were many player-created mods that allowed for “Multi Theft Auto” as it was called though I didn’t get involved as I thought it would be much too complicated to set up. The way to have a function call for them that has already been called is to set it in All Buffered. Okay. So with that done we can now actually set our grid to have the background Sprite, have the background sorting list so we can click on the Tilemap here, and then we can go to where it says Sorting Layer, and we’ll change that to Background. Let’s actually change fortnite aimbot from 65 to 66, opps 66, just so the lines are a bit more bold like that. Now, what buffered means is that it will actually cache that function call, so what it means is that, let’s just say you call the change color function, for example, just a hypothetical function, and it changes your color to blue.

But let’s just say you wanted to call a function, for example, you have an enemy and you wanna damage them and you wanna call the take damage function on them. By considering Social Engineering scenarios as games, we assume that the attacker has a particular goal to achieve, for example, acquiring financial or secret information. For sure we’ll be using these quite a lot throughout the project, as they are really the core of making a multiplayer game inside of Unity and being able to actually transmit information and Sync up value between computers. In fact the removal of children are in many cases based on value judgements that the parents are alcoholics, mentally ill, poor parents or some other undefined factor without defining accurately what these things mean. Sharks are just one of the things you have to look out for here. All the others do, and by far the best ones are War For Cybertron and Fall Of Cybertron.

Dot RPC, and then in brackets, you have the name of the function as a string, and then comma, and then you enter in the player you wanna do, you want to send it to. And this is a Photon player. We are going to be using something called a Photon Transform View, and what this does is, if you attach it to an object, that means that whenever that object moves, that position, or rotation, or scale will be updated across everyone’s computers automatically, instantly. So each object inside the world has a unique UID, each player, the network manager, the game manager, the menu, all that sort of stuff, each has its own unique UID. All characters have a melee weapon of some kind, usually blades or axes or some sort. Well, normally you would just call their take damage function, but in order for that player to actually have that function be called on their computer, you need to do something.

5.1One of the key ideas in the development of Cosmopolis was to have an AI system underlying the world and providing feedback for player actions. Remember where you had the player class, which is the Photon Player? Because in Unity, at the moment, how does Photon know which objects are the same across the network? And the way you do that is with a PhotonView component, and more specifically, the View ID of that Photon View. Okay, so let’s move on to our next concept, which is the PhotonView. Now to do that let’s go up to the Layers button up here and click Edit Layers. So when you click on a unit and move them, we want that movement to not only, you know, of course, it’s gonna be moving on your screen, but how are we gonna tell other computers, other people in the room to move that object, as well?